Sunday, 15 April 2007

Scary Thought

After thinking about what the future holds for my bingo hobby, I thought I'd have a little snoop around the internet to see what might happen. I came across a website with a very interesting article, but one that's left me worrying!

When the ban hits, I'm pretty sure this piece will read true, and my local hall will start getting emptier. Most people I know there smoke, and we're pretty stubborn souls when it comes to being told what we can and can't do... So, with less people going, less money will be up for grabs, and the whole point of going will start to weaken!

Going to see my friends at the hall is a regular part of my week to week life. It's a nice break from work and the TV, and I get to catch up on gossip and sometimes, even win! Now when I think about going, or have a quick smoke, I can't help but think that the end is near. A few cards or two online makes me feel better though, and reminds me that it's not all too bad!

Jackpotjoy's Bingo Gold has just paid out a crazy amount of over £25,000! That's more than even my hall's big county Jackpot. The thought of drinking my tea at the PC and clicking a few things to win that much money is incredible. It beats paying more money a card to win a prize much smaller, and there's got to be more chance in that than playing the lottery or pools.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Good luck Ireland

Me and Steve were watching the news over breakfast and they were talking about the next smoking ban to take place in the UK. Following on from the welsh ban, it looks like Ireland will be next to face the new laws. It's happening in three weeks time and the reporters were talking to bar managers and restaurant owners about how their businesses will change.

They're all getting geared up for the ban, which surprised me as places local to me don't seem to be doing a thing. One pub owner had been talking to his regular punters so the ban wouldn't be a total shock. Another businessman had started developing an outside garden area to accommodate his smoking trade.

That's far more than anyone at my local bingo hall has done. I got a minute to speak with the girl at the front desk. She looked at me blankly when I mentioned the England ban and shrugged her shoulders! July the 1st isn't too far away and I've got a sneaky feeling something will happen. Still, there's always my PC. Whatever the rules at bingo, I know I can still play in the living room, and do whatever I please!

Friday, 13 April 2007

So much fun!

After a couple of online bingo games yesterday, I had another go again today. It's really exciting and it's surprisingly easy to work out what's going on! Jackpotjoy even have these little mini games you can play inside the bingo room. There's slot machines you press spin on and get really excited about as the different symbols whizz around. I can really see this being right down everyone's streets, especially as more smoking bans get enforced across the UK.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Online Bingo!

At work last week I was telling my friends about my cousin playing bingo online. Margaret has just got a faster internet connection so we arranged to have a go ourselves! I called Sally to find out what site was worth playing on. We both registered at Jackpotjoy and then clicked away. The first thing we noticed was how many games there were! It took a while but we found each other in the chat rooms and had a right old gossip. We bought our first bingo cards and it was really fun. They have bingo callers on the speakers just like real halls! I can't wait to have a play again soon and maybe bump into my cousin there!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

My cousin in Cardiff

I've just heard that the smoking ban in Wales has begun. I have a cousin living in Cardiff who smokes and was talking to her about how things have changed. To my surprise, Sally told me that not much had! People still smoke as and when they want in the street like before, and she's even been to restaurants where nobody's taken much notice.

I asked her if her local pub and the bingo hall she goes to have changed. She said the pub tries to enforce it as they serve food, and that it's a taboo to try lighting up at bingo. Now her and her friends have to pop outside to light up, but then they miss the bingo calls! Her one friend who doesn't smoke has to try keeping an eye on all their cards while the game carries on as they nip out!

I couldn't believe what she was telling me and asked her how she can be bothered to keep that up. She said it's not as fun as before but that she's stopped going too much and plays with her friends online instead. I'm not sure on the idea but might give it a go. I can imagine it being pretty funny, talking to her all the way in Cardiff whilst we're both blotting a card or two!